Ned Malet de Carteret was born in Jersey and attended Canford School in Dorset.

He previously worked in St Helier for 25 years in the Finance industry, including 16 years in Investment Management.

His family “de Carteret” are one of the oldest and most prestigious on the island. The family home is the magnificent St Ouen’s Manor, with its history spanning eight centuries! Come and tour round its grounds and learn about the family on selected Monday mornings.

Ned qualified as a Blue Badge Guide in 2015 after a 6 month intensive course consisting of 500 hours study. Written examinations on UK and local background knowledge together with 4 practical exams for coach guiding, Church/Museum and Town of St Helier guiding

Ned has a particular interest in pre-historic Jersey, its fortifications and Military history. He is passionate about the Arts and our island’s natural beauty, culture, people and way of life.

His “Rambles” hope to bring to visitor and local alike a flavour of our beautiful island and its place on the world stage.